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Organic Gardening
Lawn Products
  • Corn Gluten
  • Organic Lawn Food
  • Insect and Grub Control
  • Weed Control
  • Espoma Lawn Products

Vegetables and Herbs
  • Seeds
  • Vegetable Starts
  • Insect Sprays
  • Gilbertie's Vegetables and Herbs
  • Espoma Garden Products

Soil and Mulches:
  • Gardener's Gold Potting Soil
  • Bumper Crop Compost
  • Black Earth Compost (Local!)
  • Quoddy Lobster Compost‚Äč
  • Black Earth Topsoil
  • Coast of Maine Enriching Mulch
One of the biggest advantages of gardening for most people is the ability to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables.  We have a variety of organic vegetables available in the spring as well as fertilizers and chemicals which are approved for organic gardening.