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Flowers are a great gift for any occasion!  Valentine's Day​, Easter, Mother's Day, and Christmas are all great holidays to give flowers to your host or a loved one.  A floral arrangement also makes for a wonderful birthday or anniversary present!
Fresh Flower Bouquets Ready for Pickup
  • Dozen Rose Bouquets $16.97
  • Mixed Flower Bouquets $6.97
  • Tulip Bunches $6.97
  • Daffodil Bunches $2.97
  • Basket Arrangements $39.97
  • Vase Arrangements $49.97
  • Made to order arrangements available!
Silk Flowers and Silk Wreaths
  • No maintenance required!
Greenhouse Products
  • Indoor and tropical plants
  • Cactus plants
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Pottery and saucers
​Gift Shop
Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for a special someone?  Come check out our gift shop for all kinds of quality, handmade items! The pictures below do not truly show the craftsmanship put into these items.  Stop by and see them yourself!