164 West Shore Drive, Marblehead
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At Marblehead Garden Center we specialize in all things plants. We have a wide variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and vegetables/herbs. We also carry a variety of mulches, stones, compost, and potting soils.
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Come in and check out our wide variety of plants and shrubs. New stock arriving every week!
Our helpful staff is always available to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.
Be sure to check out our new and improved showroom for silk flowers and wreaths, Colonial Candles, rugs, doormats, flags, bird seed and houses, seeds and seed starts and much more! 
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Order Plants Online Through Monrovia!
  •    1 Bundle:  $6.97
  •    Bagged Kindling:  $5.97    

We also carry Duraflame logs, Fatwood Fire Starters, and Siobhan's Irish Fire Logs​.
Tuesday-Saturday 9-5

Closed Sunday and Monday
Pet Friendly
  • 8 lb Jugs: $12.97
  • 20 lb Bags: $16.97
Driveway Heat:​
  • 50 lb Bags: $29.97
  • 12 lb Jugs: $8.97
  • 40 lb Bucket: $16.97
  • 50 lb Bag: $18.97
Eco Friendly:
  • 50 lb Bag: $19.97
Qik Joe Instant:
  • 50 lb Bucket: $29.97​
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Ice Melt (20% OFF)
         Top Ten Reasons to Buy             Monrovia Plants
  • They are healthier, hardier and will flourish in your garden
  • Nurtured in proprietary soil mixture
  • Added mycorrhizae to enhance root development
  • Larger, fuller plants
  • Hundreds of new, improved varieties
  • More pest and disease resistant
  • Found at the best independent garden centers
  • Fantastic topiary shapes, patio trees and espaliers available
  • Vivid colors in foliage, fruit and flowers
  • Monrovia plants make you look like a fabulous gardener!